Monday, 8 April 2013

Analogue Hobbies Challenge: the winners announced

Aside from the 'top three' on points, there were four prizes to for Curt announce. 

Challengers' Choice went to MichaelA's delightful, gruesome cannibal cooking pot.

People's Choice went to MichaelA again, this time his quite awesome 'Seven Samurai in greyscale'.

Judge's choice, the lonely abandoned caisson by Kawe

And finally, Sarah's choice went to my Lady in White

I'm absolutely delighted with that as there were some excellent entries that could easily have won this category. Many thanks to Sarah for granting me the award for a second year in a row, it s much appreciated. Eek, that's quite a precedent!

My hearty Congratulations to the winners, to those at the top of the standings, the runners up in all categories and the rest of the field - exceptional efforts all round. The real winners are of course all the 'Ronin', to be encouraged and inspired to such efforts and the rest of the gaming blogging community, which is greatly enriched by Curt's challenge. Until next year (when I'll have to find some more ladies to paint...)


  1. Congrats Phil (and all the other winners). I had a feeling that your lady in white would win the Sarah's Choice award - it was a lovely piece of work :)

  2. Congratulations Phil. Your entry was easily the best of its class. I admire your talent and creativity.

  3. Why thank you for the kind words Michael. I'm not sure I was quite the shoe-in though, I rather liked Greg's cantiniere myself.

  4. Congratulations on your win. She is a beautiful sculpt, very moving vignette.

  5. Great entries and competition winners. The seven grey Samurai were my favourite, but I also liked the caisson.



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