Saturday, 18 June 2011

Just a little snap

To keep my post to picture ratio up, the aforementioned Churchill, Daimlers and Pulp Toff. On the latter's base you can find a new discovery to me - mininatur tufts. Layering them with flock can create really dramatic effects, perhaps pricey but I think it is worth it.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Busy busy (and not in a gaming way!)

Oops, no post for a fortnight. Reason being I'm gearing up to move house over the next fortnight, including lots of decorating and cleaning to do. I'm also moving posts within my job, which I'm excited about. It will be a busy month and so I doubt I'll get any painting in.

Having said that, I have managed to tidy up a few loose ends on the painting front, finishing the WWII bits I grabbed at Salute, including a beastly Churchill Crocodile. I also knocked out a new, as-yet unnamed pulp companion for when we pick that up again. Pics when I get chance. Finally, some progress on a small unit of Nap Spanish light infantry, though time is up to get them finished.

I also got a very enjoyable evening of board games in last night, before packing them all up tonight! We busted open a new one I picked up by accident (honest! Story another time perhaps) called The Speicherstadt. A neat simple little auction game, which mixed concepts from a few Euro games I've played before.

Anyway, all the best to my readers, apologies in advance for the upcoming quiet period.