Monday, 8 August 2011


So, I'm still to-ing and fro-ing a lot with work but the next gaming session with my brother has snuck up on me, being the end of August. Hopefully we'll get a couple of games of Naps in, would be nice as I've been beavering away painting in the year since we last broke them out.

So, as well as finishing units off (some more redcoats, guerillas and Spanish ideally) and finishing off a few terrain bits (earthworks, hills and 2-3 buildings). I also need to craft a couple of scenarios.

My best workable idea so far is a small French force stamping out disorder in a Spanish town. I was thinking roaming mobs of irregulars bolstered by a small Spanish garrison. Somewhat one-sided towards the Frenchies but I thought it would be an interesting scenario to game. This was thought up well before the weekend's trouble in London, by the way!

I'm torn on whether this is a good enough excuse for another Perry order, particularly for some of their ACW rioters. I think with a couple of tweaks they'll be useful as civilians in the Peninsular as well as Pulp gaming. But I'm not sure I need more to work on with an already tight deadline!

For a second game I can easily pull something more standard together, Redcoats against French.

Plenty to be getting on with...