Thursday, 17 March 2011

Progress - more soon

Really chugged as last night I finished a squadron of 28mm King's German Legion Light Dragoons last night. They've taken a while to finish up, but look the business. First unit of British cavalry finished!

They are the frankly lovely Perry miniatures, as most of my stuff is.

I'll post up some pictures soon, the bases just need some flock and then a second varnish.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Testing posting a photo from my phone. These are 28mm Napoleonic Peninsular War guerillas. Models are from the lovely Perry Miniatures Carlist Wars range, which i finished last month. These painted up a treat and it was very refreshing to do natural colours after a lot of Nap uniforms. I've another unit to do, a little help for my British to fling Napoleon out of Spain!

Photo failure

I was planning on using my second post to fire out a test photo. I was hoping to post from my iPhone, where I could blog in downtime and upload snaps directly. This plan has failed right off the bat as I can't seem to get it to add a photo. Scuppered, though no doubt there is an app for it somewhere. Any suggestions warmly welcomed.

So, first photo will have to wait until I'm home and can fire up the proper camera. On a positive note, it should mean better quality pictures, though still restricted by my amateur photography. Until then!

First blog

Well, another wargaming blog. Why? Well, I realised just how many blogs I followed and how much inspiration I had got from them. So, this is my attempt to offer a little to our communal knowledge.

Also, selfishly, as a wargamer without a group at the moment I intend use this blog to showcase some of my painting projects as well as my rumination on the hobby and related matters. This may even inspire me to paint more. I wouldn't claim to be the world's best modeller or painter (or gamer!), but I'm definitely doing some of my best work and have been on a bit of a roll, having painted more in the past 6 months than in the past couple of years.

Why am I an infrequent wargamer? Well, sadly I find myself without a gaming group at the moment, though I hope to find some like-minded individuals eventually. So, my actual games are restricted to the half dozen times a year when I catch up with my brother, with whom I share the majority of my gaming projects. The rest of the year is spent planning, building or painting away, for as long as my enthusiasm holds.

I've no idea whether I'll find an audience, but let's see how it goes. Apologies for the lack of photos on this introductory post.