Monday, 15 October 2012

I haven't been to SELWG

Unlike what seems like every other gaming blogger in the UK, I couldn't make it to SELWG this year. Which sucks a bit, I would have liked to have poked about at a decent games show. It sounds like everyone had a ball of a time and picked up lots of goodies. 

I did get a trip to Greenwich on a lovely crisp autumnal day, taking a river boat rather than the tube for a change. Once there, I visited the recently re-opened Cutty Sark. While it was the Missus' treat, I did get to squeeze a bit of history in at least! Today I get the Eurostar to Bruges for a relaxing few days break. Bruges doesn't seem to be a hotbed of gaming, but ive brought the bumper WI issue 300 to keep me entertained and of course there is certainly plenty of history in the area to absorb. 

Approaching Greenwich

View from the deck

The hull of the now-raised Cutty Sark

I did hope to have some finished models to share, shock horror I have been painting Napoleonics once again. After 9 months off them, I could just about face more red and white. They just need finishing touches and basing, so I'll post them next week. 

I may get some more blogging time over the next few days, so I may be able to  post a few other bits that I had planned but haven't got around to writing. 


  1. Bruges? By train/ I thought you were meant to fly there ;)

    Have a good break.

    1. Oh no, train is far easier. Direct to Brussels then intercity to Bruges. An absolute doddle. Trying t figure out where else I an go by train rather than air!

      And, it's cheaper and quicker than going to Yorkshire to see my brother. The cost of British trains is outrageous!

  2. If it makes you feel better I did not go either ;-)


  3. me neither ;)

    We should create a club/group

  4. T'was a great show, shame you missed it!


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