Tuesday, 16 October 2012

10,000 pageviews

Photo courtesy of the power of Google. 

I seem to have passed a great blogging milestone overnight: 10,000 pageviews. 

I've been slowly creeping towards it over the past few months - ever slower as my post rate has dropped from 12ish a month in the first six months of the year, to just 2 last month - oops! 

Apologies if any typos or other oddities have been creeping into my posts recently - the new Blogger interface is a nightmare on iPad, which adds to the usual typos that creep in. which means more time correcting and editing them! 

A big thanks to my readers and followers: your reading and commenting really does keep me blogging and painting! 


  1. Awesome dude! I should put something like this up It kinda snuck up on me as well with an explosion of views lately.

    Been missing the regular posts but plenty of older content for me to get through yet!

    BTW did those axes turn up? I hadn't heard anything and I fear the royal mail may have done its worst.

    1. Unfortunately, they didn't and I completely forgot to email you about them. Sorry about that. Damn Royal Mail!

      I've decided to unveil the secret project if I get chance to post again while I'm away (yay for hotel wifi!)


  2. Congratulations. Break out the champagne


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