Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pulp Adventures AAR: Episode Two 'The Chase'

Our second Pulp Adventure for February, the Professor and Mr Singh spot the shifty Mr Byrne fleeing the O'Leary gang Warehouse and give chase. 

Setup: the Red gems denote six markers that Mr Byrne must collect to make his getaway. The Prof and crew need to pursue, spot and disable him ask in order to ask probing questions about the missing artefacts.

After a few turns: Mr Byrne disappears out of sight and leaving two trails to pursue. The Prof tries an alternate route to head him off while Mr Singh stays hot on his heels. The scenario required the heroes to collect the two trails of numbered markers in order or risk their quarry's escape!  


  1. Love the old style car! Nice work!

  2. Fab, aren't they? They are repaints of the Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear' range.


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