Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bemoaning a lack of hobby time

The week has flown by. Real life in the way. Late home from work. Jobs to do about the house. Visiting family. I'm not sure which is to blame for my lack of productivity this week, perhaps a combination of them all. As as result, barely has a brush come across metal this week. We're approaching the halfway point of the challenge and I'm not quite at the hoped-for 250 mark.

Looking at my diary, I've got another hectic week this week, then just the weekend before flying off for a short break in Morocco, then a dash up to visit my brother and newborn niece. So I probably won't have much more finished before the end of February.

I did manage to snatch a couple of hours to paint today, finishing off a batch of Redcoats that have cluttered my hobby area since the summer. They won't score for the Challenge but it is nice to finally get them done.

On a more positive note, my last round of eBay auctions raised nearly £50, close to the as new value, so I've a good excuse for some hobby purchases again. And I've more earmarked to sell when I get chance to list them.

Anyway, in the meantime here is the last entry to the Challenge, which feels like it was an age ago. Baboons and a French Mademoiselle, this was a curious combination!


  1. Nicely done, and your right it was a strange combination!!

  2. Still think those are great pink arses on the baboons.

    Hope you had a nice, relaxing trip to Morocco.


  3. They look great! Where are those baboons from?

  4. That are Obelisk Miniatures sculpts, a German company. I bought mine through UK retailer Black Cat.


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