Saturday, 18 February 2012

Pulp Adventures AAR: Episode One 'Investigation at the Docks'

Got a good Pulp scenario played with my brother between the necessary feeds and changes of my 6-week old niece. 

1930's London and Mr Chuffington, Director of Antiquities asked his old friend Professor Hemmingway to investigate the disappearance of artefacts en route to the British Museum. The Prof's investigations led to a warehouse in London's Docklands, guarded by particularly suspicious Irish goons...

The Prof, with the stalwart Mr Singh and dependable butler Hawkins enter from the main warehouse entrance, while two of London's curiousest (and finest) Plod enter from a side door. The blue numbered markers (from Litko) represent encounters around the warehouse - people, events or perhaps the missing artefacts.

After a fistfight developed into a firefight, one copper falls, while the remaining one whittles down the Paddies with his revolver. Meanwhile, the Professor and Hawkins rummage through crates as Mr Singh clubs down the goon on the lower level. 

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