Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I've been busy!

I haven't posted much recently because I've been frantically painting bits and pieces to play some Pulp Alley with Gharak over the weekend. I'm providing the terrain, specifically a middle eastern town/market. I've pretty ch finished that and should have some photos up of it in game over the weekend. 

Today I've these civilians, good townspeople I thought. A couple of diggers (also useful for the Indiana Jones-inspired archaeological dig scene I would love to build!), a stall holder and two modestly dressed ladies. I think the green-robed stallholder and older digger leaning on his spade came out particularly well. I was running around Late at Salute looking for reasonable priced Muslim civilians. I totally forgot to give the Perry range a good going over and later remembered they did a Crusades range and lo and behold: civilians! The sixth from the pack didn't quite get finished.

I also finished the Constabulary with their second detective, who seems to be going for a role in Miami Vice. The league is now all painted and should get a run out over the next few days.

As if I didn't have enough to do, I've also found time to do some of that most hated of hobby jobs: rebasing. After finishing these Bashi Bazouk cavalry, I decided I wanted my Sudan cavalry to be on pill bases rather than rectangular and I'll mount them in Warbases trays. These were re-based almost without damage, but my Beja Camelry need more touching up.


  1. Very nice work - splendid job Sir!

  2. Great work Phil! I quite like the pill bases vs the rectangular - looks more... organic.

    I also like your second constabulary fella. He can be the 'Tubs' to compliment your previous spotted handkerchiefed 'Crocket'. They just need some dry ice billowing behind them and a Michael Mann soundtrack playing in the background.

    1. Yes I'm sold on them having seen Greg's. they seem much more fitting with my infantry on round bases too! Might put my guns on big round ones as well to finish the set!

  3. Great stuff Phil.


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