Friday, 25 January 2013

Dark Age Swap Shop

Just after Christmas I was seduced by the North Star sale and ended up with two of their 'grab bags' of minis at a hefty discount. I did quite well from the Artizan Pulp grab bag: while I got a handful of duplicates, I was expecting to and got some great figures. I will split the spoils with Gharak, pretty much all of them are useful for Pulp or WWII games.

I also got a Dark Ages one as I've half fancied a second unit of Bondi to round out Saga force. Needing just 8 minis, a plastic box isn't cost-effective and with the grab bag offering 20 minis for £12, its the same price as an 8-man pack from Gripping Beast. Surely chances are I'd get 8 suitable ones?

Well, no actually. My Bondi are all unarmoured, but I only got the six unarmoured miniatures on the left, as well as some with bows. The rest are armoured. Drat.

Unarmoured on the left, armoured and bows on the right. 

I really would like to get hold of two more unarmoured Viking/Dark Age miniatures. Perhaps one of my readers might have a couple of spares in their bits box? Anyone want to do a swap for a couple of the chaps on the right?

Regardless, the remaining armoured minis are a useful start towards a second Saga force, perhaps Anglo-Danes. But thats a project for another month, for now they will be set aside to concentrate on my other projects.


  1. I will dig through my bits box see if I have a couple of spare ones for you

    1. Thanks Andrew - it would b hugely appreciated!


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