Saturday, 14 December 2013

Taking Challenge Preparation to a Whole New Level

Having moved into a larger property a few months ago, it was past time to sort myself a decent hobby space. For years I've used the knackered Ikea dining table, setting up and packing away for each mealtime. While it meant I could watch/listen to TV and be with the wife at the same time, the recent delivery of a sizeable solid oak dining set had me search for a new location. Te new able is infinitely better for dining and entertaining, but it would be perilous for me to scratch or paint mark it.

I was originally allocated the loft. Seemed reasonable until I actually went in there in winter: its bracing, seemingly having been converted before silly ideas like insulation. Negotiations started over - where could I fit a long-term hobby space, without affecting our plans for the upstairs rooms? The second bedroom was the most credible, being quite large and with an odd space under the stairs to the loft.

The price of the wife's consent was acceptably low - I was welcome to a permanent hobby space there if I provided my assurances that I'd tidy projects away when we have guests staying so they can use the desk as a dressing table.

Deal. Off to Ikea we went. We unexpectedly returned with this corner desk, which barely fit into our car. But it fits perfectly in the space and gives a very good sized surface, as well as some pigeonhole storage for paint and current projects. I'll probably add some shelves above it for more storage. Truly large and temporary projects (terrain, probably) can still be done on the spare dining table, which has been relegated to the Baltic loft.

To be honest, I don't particularly like the look of it, it has an annoyingly structural shelf below so I can't fully stretch my legs out and white would have been the last colour I'd have chosen. Care to guess how many colours it comes in? Yes, one: white. But hey, it was cheap and should do the job admirably.

While in Ikea I had a bit of a moment at the storage boxes, coming back with somewhat more than the mere 6 I intended to buy. But this should allow me to rationalise the numerous cardboard boxes of terrain and supplies as well as the lead pile and store it all neatly in the loft. Win (or, I gained myself a massive job to do one coming weekend)

Of course, I also joined many of the challengers in the tradition of buying new brushes for the start of the challenge. This time I'm trying the Rosemary & Co Series 98 with triangular handles. Once again, delivered within 2 days, great service.

Tomorrow, I look forward to christening my new paint station.


  1. It looks a nice spot. I hope it works for you.

    Best of luck with the challenge!

  2. Sounds like a great improvement. Be good to see what comes off it .

  3. Congratulations on your new painting spot. Your ability to negotiate matters successfully with your wife indicates a sound and healthy marriage. I just gave my Mrs. permission to take over my wargames table for her traditional Christmas jigsaw puzzle, seeing as there is no other room in our new place. By such compromises does love endure. Good luck in Curt's challenge.

    1. We'll my wife has a wool stash the size on my lead pile so were daily even!

  4. Great to see you two 'nesting' so nicely. Great table! I love Ikea but it does have the Henry Ford mentality on options: 'You can have it in any colour, as long as its black.'

  5. Nice improvement, I am sure those new brushes will perform nicely for you.

  6. Brooke's "There's some corner of some foreign field" springs to mind - very nice Sir and the very best of luck, although I don't see much Victoriana on there yet! ;)

  7. Looks like a nice spot to paint. Looking forward to follow your progress in the challenge.

  8. A nice group of tools for The Challenge. I whish you a lot of luck, sir.

  9. That looks a great place to enjoy the meditation which is The Challenge. Very best of luck!


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