Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Anglo-Egyptian field force assembles

Having a few spare moments, I took some snaps of my Anglo-Egyptian force for the Sudan so far. It is starting to look lie, a force rather than a pile of lead, at least! 

They will be bolstered by more regulars (RMLI and Egyptian), plus a screw gun and a few hussars.
I've put them on their sabot trays (Warbases, of course), these will be textured and tufted when I have a weekend for a really dull job. 

And to round off, the now obligatory vintage effect photo.

I have also found myself volunteering to paint a few minis for a charity game at Triples 2014,  all funds raised will go to good causes Help for Heroes and Men Matter. they've created a blog to highlight what they're doing and progress: Bloggers for Charity. I'm hoping I'll be able to make it along to Triples to see the game and meet some of those involved.


  1. Great stuff wants rules are you planning on using?

    1. Plan A is to play Black Powder, shrinking the units to 8 and dropping ranges by 1/3rd. If that doesn't work, I should be able to re-jig things fairly easy as units are on sabot bases.

  2. great stuff its a fine looking force, cheers for the shout out about the Triples game
    Peace James

  3. Looking good my friend, the basing trays are cool!

  4. Stunning stuff and a painful reminder that I still have so much further to go with mine!

  5. Lovely work Phil! Its really looking like a force to be reckoned with now.


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