Saturday, 2 June 2012

Transportation brainwave - but did it work?

Up visiting my brother this weekend, which usually brings with it a gaming case re-jig to get the models we need into one place. This time we've scheduled mythology and a dabble in 15mm Scifi. Being a new scale and project, I haven't sorted storage yet. In a hurry, I de-boxed my 10mm WWII, which are in A5 box files with magnetic strip stuck to the bottom, to stick the metal bases to. But darn it, I also needed a load of 28mms for mythology, which I carry in a well-used Figures in Comfort case.

What's in here...

Two A5 box files seem to fit perfectly instead of 1.5 trays standard trays...

This wasn't how they ended up.

No, despite my posed photo it didn't quite work perfectly, I think the long distance by train meant too much carrying with the case on it's side so some of the bases and individual miniatures had bounced free. Being magnetised probably saved them from bouncing around too much, but I saw a couple of chips.

But, I reckon over a shorter distance, in the car or just carrying the box file upright and they will be fine (being A5, they fit upright in a backpack). A cheap solution, so time to buy some more box files!

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