Monday, 4 June 2012

Making amends: Minoan Snake Priestess

So, having played a bunch of games of Aegeus with unpainted figures, which I hate doing, I returned to the painting table as soon as I got home. I managed to finish my Minoan Snake Priestess off, a non-combat hero.

Slightly NSFW (dressed in the 'Minoan style') photo for you. The jade is a bit shiny, but Dullcote should sort that out.

In the alternate world of Aegeus, the Minoans are one of the shadier factions, raiders across the sea who maintain blood sacrifices to appease Poseidon. His power over the seas has staved off the downfall off their civilisation. The Snake Priestesses are the Minoan oracles and witches, whose dark powers include summoning mythological allies.

EDIT: and a credit for the manufacturer - she is in fact Helen of Troy from Redoubt's Trojan wars range. Face that launched a thousand ships, is what they say. Definitely the face.

Also a couple more snaps from out sixth(!)* play test, switching sides with me playing Athenians. Here, an entire Athenian force spectacularly bounces off a lone Minotaur. Blame the dice for that one. After which the centaurs go off in search of easier pickings!

*curiously, I don't remember us managing to six games in one weekend in recent memory. The game time is coming in nicely at 60-90 minutes, albeit with small forces and on small tables.


  1. Damn nice figure and paintjob, there's just something about her but I can't put my figure on it or them!

    1. Thought you'd like them, Fran!

    2. Typical Lurker comment! ;p

      Nice paintjob - I'd be tempted to leave the jade shiny

  2. Those Minoans may have been nasty but their women knew how to dress...


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