Tuesday, 5 June 2012

More Minoans; 100 posts

Another hours or so's work, another batch of Minoans finished. I would say I'm on a roll, but they were nearly done a few weeks ago, before the heatwave struck. Six archers, the manufacturer is Redoubt again. I like these sculpts, though they are a little on the small size, the have well-defined bodies in a mix of great poses. My only gripe is the very thin bows which bend easily.

Only man-boobs to be found here.

I picked three main colours for the Minoans, all intended to be colours found on surviving Minoan artefacts and frescoes. Hence the burnt orange (GW Bestial brown highlighted to Macharius orange), royal blue (GW Regal blue to Vallejo Magic blue) and jade (Vallejo Scurvy green, Jade green with GW Bleached bone highlights). I'm not totally satisfied with the latter as I was after more of a teal colour, but it is quite striking so I'm coming to quite like it (perhaps it is realistic and the frescoes faded!) The blue will be saved for elite units.

Next up, a minotaur and six infantry converted from Wargames Factory plastics.

In other news, I also another milestone this week, 100 blog posts. I actually passed 100 posts without noticing, so this is my 101st post. Still, I feel it is worth noting, I reckon that averages at one post every 4 days for over a year, not bad. I'm creeping up to 50 followers too, I seem to recall offering prizes once I made that milestone. I'd better dig out some goodies!

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  1. They look really good with the addition of the white. Keep at it you'll have em painted in no time.

    1. Cheers bro. Thought they needed something to break up the colours a little. Minotaur's tunic will be the same off-white I think.

  2. Oh I say, they look wonderful; great work Sir.


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