Saturday, 24 March 2012

Two quick questions

After a few days off I'm ploughing back into the painting to keep that Challenge momentum up. Expect more updates.

But in the meantime I was wondering if any of my readers has:

-any spare round plastic shields for Vikings. Wargames Factory ones would be great (anyone assemble theirs with double-handed axes or bows?) Gripping Beast plastics would probably also suit. I need just four or six if anyone has any sitting around in their bits box. I can trade other plastic bits if you need anything.

-an unwanted copy of Blitzkrieg Commander V2 they would like to sell to me? I fancy trying it out with 10mm WWII but am feeling a bit cheap to fork out £20 for a new copy just before Salute. Not helped that WWII probably won't get played often at the moment so I'd prefer not to lay out a lot on rules. I reckon someone has an unwanted copy gathering dust somewhere.

In other news, I dipped my toe into Kickstarter yesterday with a pledge to Blackwater Gulch. Seems like a great project and cowboys are cool, right? Kickstarter seems to be a developing into quite a thing for both the wargaming and board gaming communities. Hopefully it will continue the diversification of both, without putting too many poor products out there. We shall see! I don't intend to get too into Kickstarter though - it could end up using a lot of my hobby budget.


  1. Yes i am sure i have some Gripping Beast ones somewhere - will have a proper look

  2. Cheers DaveD, would be much appreciated.

  3. Unfortunately I have no answers for your questions, however, are you planning on going to the Warlords next week? I can actually make it (after a really busy few weeks) so wondered if you were planning to? (realised I didn't actually have any other way of contacting you!).

  4. Haha, you're right there doesn't appear to be a private message function.

    In wasn't planning to, I've no specific plans but have quite a busy week so saw it as an opportunity for an evening in. Was there something specific you wanted to get a game of? Hard to arrange games without going and I'm not on the SLW forums.


  5. I didn't have any specific ideas, seems a shame to go along without anything organized but I thought we might be able to get involved in something. I think I'll check out the forum and see if thats any help. I could try and borrow some 10mm Germans and could give your brits a game?

  6. Right-o. Any luck from the forums? We'd need someone to walk us through the rules having no rulebook or army lists. I think I need a few more bits to make my Brits BKC viable.

    I reckon I can do Monday 2nd especially as I won't be able to do the 9th. I'm happy to offer a Saga demo but might be a bit Saga'd out, am playing on Saturday.

  7. My forum account is currently pending an admins approval so no real progress m'fraid. Yeah I think we will will struggle with BKC on reflection. I've been looking into SAGA recently and it looks like a fun game, altho if you're going to be sick of it then not so fun for you really!

    1. Samulus,

      Afraid I can't do tomorrow. Should be able to do the 16th though, fancy a Saga demo then? Had a good few games and I'm liking the system quite a bit as something fun and light.

  8. Right, this got silly so I added 'contact me' functionality. Try it Samulus!



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