Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Found it!; Minor update

I posted the other week about needing a few things for the Aegeus 28mm Greek Mythology project. Well, after much hunting, I've found one of them - a just about suitable double-headed axe, and in plastic too.

Here it is, bottom-left on this sprue of orcs from Wargame Factory. Problem is, I need literally three of them and I've almost no use for anything else in the box (though I have a possible use for the smaller axe and curved daggers) so would prefer not to fork out 20 quid for a whole box. I can't seem to find any single sprues on eBay either.

I know it is a really long shot, but I don't suppose any of my readers have bought a box of these for any reason and might have some spares bits left over? I'd be endlessly appreciative. (I imagine not, with you mostly being historical gamers...). I'll put a plea on the WF forums too, when they deem me worthy of an account.

In other hobby activity, I've nearly finished my Minotaur, I just need a trip out to my LGS for some new bronze metallics. He does look pretty awesome if I do say so myself, looking forward to posting some pics of him. But an LGS visit will inevitably wait for this darned weather to clear up.
I've also been fiddling around re-doing some of the basing on my 15mm SciFi, after getting some 12mm washers to standardise the basing. An annoying task to spend hobby time on, but hope it will be worth it.


  1. I have some Dwarf axes from the old 5th-6th edition plastics for Warhammer which might suit?

    Otherwise sorry can';t help ; (

  2. Hey Minitrol.

    The double handed axes like these may well suit too, if you've any in your bitz box:


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