Thursday, 8 March 2012

Challenge Countdown

Well, the Analogue Hobbies Challenge has flown by. It's been real fun but the entrants are into the last two weeks and I'm getting panicky that I won't reach my self-imposed target. With just 12 days to go, I've hit 409 points, so need another 91 to make the magic 500, that's nineteen 28mm miniatures. Given my pace, this is a daunting task.
Now, I've a group of Vikings on the workbench, perhaps halfway finished. Will hopefully wrap them up over the weekend - despite being away at a Stag do for much of it!
That still leaves me needing to do one big or two small batches in a week - eep! I've some Redcoats nearly finished but I know from experience the finishing off takes an age. I've another Pulp female to do to take another punt at Sarah's prize. After that...more Vikings?
Wish me luck!


  1. 91 points? It is possible; lets go!

  2. Go for it! you can never have enough vikings (or redcoats).

  3. Yes it's been a blast. I have a bunch almost finished and doing the prep work on the next lot but will I finish them.

    With just the one weekend left and you busy it will be a challange in itself but give yourself time in the week as well and you should get there. I am going for it!!!


  4. C'mon Phil, dig deep, you can do it! If its any consolation I'm trying to get a Napoleonic Portuguese battalion done that was bare metal a few days ago. I might have bitten more than I can chew...

  5. Cheers guys! 8 down, 11 to go! Think I might make it...

  6. I made it in the end Withtime to spare - Challenge wrap-up to come soon!


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