Sunday, 17 June 2012


Or should that be 'Mooooo!'

As trailed recently, I've been finishing off my Minoan Minotaur for Aegeus this week. A lovely miniature from Otherworld miniatures, he stands at an impressive 45mm tall, I liked how he was tall but more like a gangly human, rather than GW-style muscled beast. I did slightly convert him have a cloth tunic rather than chain mail, with Mythological Greece not being well known for their chain mail.

He looks upset. Thorn in his toe perhaps?

Priced at £9 he wasn't cheap, but not too expensive either for such a fine miniature. With two new projects I seem to be in a buying phase at the moment: a small Otherworld order arrived today, two harpies and two giant snakes, more mythological assistance for my Minoan raiders. Each pack being the same price as the Minotaur they seemed a bit more of a luxury purchase, but the miniatures are very fine.

The skin didn't quite come out right here, the shade is a tad too grey - I wanted him to look quite human but with a very pallid flesh tone. As am afterthought I carefully lined the ubiquitous devlan mud over the grey, which improved matters somewhat. I am a lot happier with his face and snout, transitioning from black to pink flesh.

With a kneeling Redoubt miniature for scale.

I did get distracted by the Trooping of the Colour on TV yesterday, which inspired (well, distracted) me to finally fix up the rest of the Colours I picked up at Salute. It took a while longer than expected as I'm repainting the finials to suit my style. Here is a work in progress, I've still some touching-up to do from my cack-handed removal of the previous poles. The Guerilla standard bearer came out nicely, a custom design from Flag Dude

Image of the Virgin Mary on one side. The other reads 'Dios, Patria, Rey'.

After the Trooping of the Colour there was a flypast for the Queen's birthday, I managed to snap this view of the Red Arrows.

Not sure what'll have finished next, either my Minoan raider infantry or a small batch of Khurasan Command infantry for 15mm SciFi.


  1. Ohh those banners do look a bit special. I'll save my pennies for next salute and buy some myself. Minotaur looks good, look forward to him chomping through my infantry once again.

    1. Well they finish a unit off so worth a luxury buy. You've half as much painted anyway :-p

      Perhaps I need a second unit-chomping Minotaur... Purely in the interests of play testing, mind.

  2. The Minotaur looks wonderful, as indeed do the colours. A very productive weekend Sir.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments Michael. I'll post some pics of the whole units with their new colours at some point.

  3. Actually, I quite like your grey minotaur and the tunic conversion turned out very fine. Well done!


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