Saturday, 5 May 2012

Two milestones

Noticed that the blog hit two milestones in recent days - 30 followers and 3000 pageviews. Ok, not up there with the big boys (I'm looking at you, Angry Lurker, BigLee) but not bad given I don't get chance to post that often. I've also noticed I'm getting a consistent 30-ish page views a day, even when I'm not posting, I think the 'you might also like' widget helps.

In honour of this, I hope to spend a little time tweaking the blog over the weekend. Also, inspired by other bloggers' recent giveaways, I'll look to find something to give away when I hit 50 followers.


  1. I guess you are up for a mini pimp as well. It has done me a great service so I will mention yours in my next post!!!!


  2. Good work Phyllion! Those other buggers make it look easy eh!

  3. Hey keep on doing what you're doing and the site will grow. It does happen. Lots of hard work but you'll get more popular as you go. :)

  4. Ian, over at 'The Blog With No Name', pointed me in your direction and I'm jolly glad he did too; splendid place you have here. Permission to come aboard Sir?

    1. +1 with Michael.
      Didn't know your blog until now. Nice reading, especially the pulp section

  5. Cheers for the kind comments all.

    All are welcome, if you enjoy aimless rambling and watching a hobbyist try to balance too many projects!

    @Ian - thanks for the pimping, must have worked because it's hit 33. :-)

  6. WELL done on the 30.... it will grow.. keep plugging at it

  7. Well done on the 30+ it will grow , keep plugging at it.


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