Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Cast your votes please!

Not the French Presidential elections. Not to help Greece elect a government. Not even for the winner of Britain's got Talent. No, this is the vote you've all been waiting for.

I'm undecided on how to paint the helmet visors on my GZG infantry. So I'm throwing the question to our hobby community. Which of these do you prefer - red or jade? It could go either way. Nail-biting, eh?

And with flash:

Assuming I keep the rest of the grey/blue colour scheme, if you have any other suggestions for good colours, I'm all ears!



  1. Why not one squad/platoon/company of each?

    I'd probably go for the green

  2. The red offers nice contrast you should go with that if you want the figures to stand out, that being said the jade feels much more organic, I would go with that myself.

  3. I prefer the red, but then it appears i'm outvoted... the green for me is too close to the shade of the armour.

  4. Yesterday I would have said the red as it was a great contrast, but today the jade takes it! Looks really subtle, yet effective.

  5. Yep jumping on the Jade band wagon. Yesterday I felt the red was too much so it's not suprising I like the jade more but I REALLY like the effect so it's perfect to me


  6. After staring at the picture for 5 mins I think I can see what people mean, the green feels right, I'm just a whore for red I suppose...

  7. I prefer the red as its more of a contrast from the grey blue. But that's me!!

  8. I think red would look better from across the table as a good contrast. the safe looks better close up as it better resembles a semi transparent glass.

  9. Humm, divided opinion! Democracy, you fail me.

    I. Torn between the striking red and more sensible jade. I'm notmsure either Is perfect but I don't have a better idea right now.

    Dang it!

  10. 3 more votes for red from everyone here. Put them 4' away from you and decide the best.

  11. Definitely the red. Do a contrasting red, drop a white highlight 'flare' on them and they'll look the business.


  12. I like the red but do think blue or jade works very well for visors. I did put an old video together on youtube which details visor transition painting here:

    1. Hi Robin, I gather Samulus and I were using your rules the other night. I'll post my AAR and thoughts over the weekend.

  13. Thanks for the replies all, some great thoughts and clearly both colours have merits. A decision has now been made and I spent tonight tweaking.

    I'll post some snaps soon.


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