Saturday, 19 May 2012

And the winner is...

...Red! Thanks all for your votes - find a snap of squads one and two below.

I decided to tone the visor back a bit and keep the pure red highlight around the top edge of the visor. As Curt suggested, I added a white flash too. I'm not entirely convinced it looks that realistic, but I like the effect. I may finish it with a gloss varnish on the visor, but they need their matt spray first.

Presents arrived from Khurasan today, yay, more to assemble!


  1. I REALLY like the toned down red, solves the previous problem but remains a pleasing contrast. It seems democracy does work!

    Also, Power Armour from Khurasan per chance?

    1. Yep! Two packs, so need to figure out how best to use 10.

      They don't really work as power armour though, not really convinced there is anywhere for the pilot to be. No problem, they can be remote-piloted suits in a quasi-Avatar way.

    2. Oh, got a command pack too. Nova Republic, I'm a sucker for an officer in a big hat (used to play 40k Mordian Iron Guard...) Medic will be really useful for Gruntz too.

  2. Replies
    1. Indeed Ray - you might even be able to claim that you were right and Fran was wrong! :-)

  3. Well shows what I know! I've got to admit that red does look pretty smart when you see the unit as a whole.

  4. Its good that you listened to the Voice of Reason. Wish my wife would follow suit... :)


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