Friday, 4 May 2012

First Salute purchases complete

My hobby time has been patchy this past week, a long week at work has sapped my enthusiasm. Here's hoping I'll get back on course over the bank holiday here in the UK. But I did find time to finish these movement trays last night.

Ok, so these aren't exactly the interesting bits, they should come in useful for Saga and were a bargain price from Warbases.

I've not tufted them as I thought they would be easier to transport and more durable that way. The miniature bases have plenty of tufts anyway.

And how they'll look on the table, filled with angry-looking Vikings ready for some pillaging:


  1. They do look rather good. I really should get around to replacing those knackered ones and get mine painted.

    1. Yeah, get on with it!

      (not going to happen is it?)

    2. Probably not anytime soon. Too many Greeks to paint.

  2. nice work, much better than the bare ones we played with the other day!

  3. Great work. Looks excellent.


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