Thursday, 20 December 2012

I am Ronin number 33...

...and I am not fully prepared

So, with the Challenge starting in a few short hours, below is what my box of goodies looks like. A motley collection, totalling 50-odd 28mm miniatures, 10 cavalry and umpteen odds and sods. A quick count suggests this is around 400 points worth.

I will confess that a good few were actually left over from last year's Challenge and I'm not sure I'll muster the enthusiasm to get them done this time around either. That includes a unit of plastic Perry British Hussars, I'm dreading those. 

I should get a few more bits to assemble over Christmas and I've yet to convert up the rest of my Spanish Cavalry, which I'll be keen to get painted. No doubt I'll also find some new tangents over the course of the next three months! So I'm fairly confident my target if 550 is achievable. 

Best wishes and good fortune to all of my fellow Ronin as well as no-participants and well-wishers. Wishing you all a very Merry Festive season. 


  1. I think I may actually have more than you prepared, I'm whipping through basing a load of stuff before I spray it up tonight/tomorrow as I found another 20 odd pulp miniatures the other night that I'd totally forgotten about.

    I'm sure you'll get some more stuff at Christmas too ;)

  2. Good luck to you! You should go on with the Hussars if it's what you fear the most. I'll look forward to see them painted.

    Nicolas Ronin #30

  3. Best of luck. I haven't even prepped anything yet!

  4. Just sitting down to stick some paint on my first miniature now. Nothing special to begin with just a couple of old Pulp miniatures.


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