Saturday, 14 July 2012

A mystery and interesting hobby news

First up, things might be quiet here in terms of me posting recent painting, there is a good reason: I've a new mystery project. All will be revealed when the painting is nearly finished. In the meantime here are some hints:

-it's a skirmish game using an intriguing new ruleset.

-it will be a narrative campaign (Samulus, Gharak, I hope to play through it with both of you at least)

-it was inspired by a recent issue of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy magazine

-half the work is already done with minis I've already got and painted.

-the minis are primarily from one of my favourite manufacturers.

-of the minis I've bought, most are also useful to another period I often play (bonus value for money)

Any guesses from my more attentive readers?

Hopefully not as much of a headache as this causes

Anyway, I will still beaver away at my more public projects and post them up as and when I get stuff finished.

In hobby-related news, Tamsin highlighted controversial announcements by two relatively big players in the historical Wargames market - Battlefront and Slitherine. The former seem to be getting a GW-esque superiority complex and are banning the use of non-Battlefront miniatures at all official Flames of War tournaments. While it doesn't affect me directly, I think this is one step too far to . I wonder what the backlash will be. I did have some respect for what FOW did in terms of making WWII more accessible, but can't quite understand their logic to preserve market share amongst what is by-all-accounts a relatively small number of tournament gamers.

Next up, Slitherine, (publishers of Field of Glory which I've eyed up a few times times) have announced that the long-awaited second version of their ancients and medieval rules will be digital-only, with no option to print a PDF. While I can see it plays to their strengths as a digital publisher and it could improve the rules and balance through easy application of updates, it has caused quite a stir. While I do generally applaud innovation, there are clear issues of portability (not everyone owns a tablet or small laptop) which might seriously damage the prospects of V.2 being used as widespread tournament rules. I myself prefer hardcopy rules if possible, I've got Gruntz only in soft copy and must say it is a bit of a pain to navigate even when gaming at home. What do you think?


  1. Incredible feck up by both companies, Battlefront can afford it but Slitherine can't!

  2. Great post Phil - good to see other gamers' take on the two decisions. I can understand the logic of both, even if I do disagree with them.

    What is telling is the difference in how the companies reacted to the backlash. Slitherine responded in a mature, open and honest manner; Battlefront responded with a mixture of outright, hostility, childishness, bluster and even some outright lies. Guess which company is getting the most bad PR from it?

    1. An interesting contrast indeed.

      I've not seen the Battlefront response myself, but I did read the Slitherine one. They seemed most reasonable, though I flinched at their hyperbole around 'a revolution in wargaming' as in their original post.

  3. I have a FOW army in the building (the armour has been languishing at the airbrush for months) and must say I'm not really bothered but this entirely because I have zero intention of ever playing in a tournament. However, I think Tamsin has it when she comments on the way they've handled it, which is extremely poorly. It smacks of 'I'm taking my ball in now'. If I was tournament player I'd be furious, as it is, I'm just a little bemused and have a lower opinion of the company. All too reminiscent of GW's strategies, if they start pricing according to 'gamepower' then they'll have completely lost their way.

  4. Also, can't wait to have a go at the secret project! I'm trying to think my way through the various minis of yours I've seen. I'm guessing it will be Pulp or something thereabouts?

    1. I'm saying nothing!

      First batch pretty much finished today. Look great - wish I could share!

  5. Strange Aeons? close enough to pulp that minis would be duel use. Though it isn't that new.


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