Monday, 2 July 2012

15mm SciFi - Power Armour and support weapons

Samulus has just started posting the background to the universe we've been working on to add some flavour to our 15mm SciFi forces. His post includes some pretty stonking artwork (not his own, he admits). I'll post some background to my home system, New Vedith, later.

In the meantime, I've more 15mm SciFi to share, first up is my first unit of Power Armour - five suits by Khurasan. I say Power Armour, but they clearly aren't as I can't see how a human would fit inside the torso comfortably. So, to me they are remote-controlled humanoid battlesuits. Still, they are awesome sculpts, a real pleasure to paint.

They form the shock infantry of my 'New Vedith' forces - heavily armoured, agile due to their jump jets and equipped with the latest plasma weaponry. With their pilots hundreds of miles away, they are also relatively fearless. To encourage audience participation, comment below if you've any ideas for naming them. I came up with the 'Armoured Assault Brigade', but I was having an unimaginative day as I think it's a bit bland.

'Big Stompy Armoured Suits' would be descriptive, but inelegant

To finish, a little extra I finished at the same time: some squad support weapons for my infantry platoons, one tripod-mounted heavy laser and one portable missile system. All GZG, magnetically mounted to metal bases.

In other news, the first issue of my WS&S subscription arrived last week. I did say I wasn't going to subscribe, but after some thought (and a discount) I did. I'm glad of that, getting a magazine full of hobby ideas popping into my letterbox every other month is nice. If expensive for the potential it offers for hobby inspiration!

EDIT: I've also just got an email notifying me that I won a digital subscription to one of WS&S's other magazines, for filling in a survey (I vaguely remember doing to). They've given me a voucher code which I can use on anything on their store - an extension to my WS&S subscription is in order, I think. That's the first thing I've won in ages, which is nice.


  1. I think that it's just a confusion of terms - in some systems "Power Armour" refers to powered body armour, in others to something more akin to a small mecha.

  2. Very cool. I like the high contrast of their helmets to the blue armour. Hmm, something like 'The White Helms'?

    1. Cheers Curt, I was pleased with how the White helmets came out. I tried red initially but they looked terrible compared to how the infantry came out.

  3. These look awesome! the highlights are lookin' real good on them. I think you were right to go with white heads rather than red.


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