Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Gruntz - second playthrough

Another 15mm SciFi post before I move onto a fresh topic. I got a second game of Gruntz last week, with Samulus once again. I won't write a full AAR, after all they say a picture tells a thousand words, right? (Samuus - youre welcome to pull together a more detailed writeuo). And do please forgive the unpainted terrain, it's one of many things I'm working on!

Deployments from the New Vedith perspective. Simple objective: capture the industrial complex, particularly the central storage tanks

'Robots, sir, faaaahsands of 'em'

Jus' chillin'. Chillin' in our wood

New Vedith shock troops take a pasting from their Autosentia counterparts

Endgame: huddle round the objective. A tight-run thing and could have gone either way: we called it a draw

We tried Gruntz with some modifications, notably:
-more detailed command system (which I liked)
-double wounds for infantry in cover (made them nicely survivable, but really reduced the impact of vehicles)
-modifications to the jump packs special rule
-some common sense tweaks, such as no dismounting infantry from fast-moving vehicles

Although it was fun, it was pnt quite righ and needed further tweaking. Samulus and I agreed to revisit again when 1.1 comes out, or try out some other systems.

On a final Gruntz note, there is an awesome Web-based force builder, available for free here:
Recommended - made making a force on a printable PDF a complete doodle. However it is restricted by the current Gruntz rules, it prevents bending them when designing units.

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