Sunday, 8 July 2012

Minoan Raiders; Weeping Angel; CLWC

First up this weekend, my finished Minoan Raider infantry. These are converted Wargames Factory Greeks, I whipped off the torsos and replaced them with naked ones from the WF Zulu frames. They all have wicked curved swords and the horsehair on their helmets got a trim too, to further differentiate them from Gharak's Athenians.

These Minoan Raiders are the mainstay of roving Minoan warbands, lightly armed and armoured but swift infantry. They just need shield transfers to finish them off. I also tried photographing on a blue background, borrowing some of the missus' card making card. Seemed to work well.

For a bit of variety, I spent this afternoon painting this small 'terrain feature', courtesy of Crooked Dice:


Scary, eh?

She was a cinch to paint. The base was GW Adeptus Battlegrey mixed with black, highlighted with the same mixed with Fortress Grey. I dry brushed carefully and used black wash to tidy up any errors and give more definition in the recesses. I tried to highlight more on the face and arms to really bring them out. Then I used watered Devlan mud (always seems to feature these days!), gryphonne sepia and heavily watered catachan green to add faint shades of colour to the flat grey. Especially so around the head and arms, I was trying to give that faint hint that she just could be alive....

I actually enjoyed the chance to paint a miniature all in one colour, like a very simplistic version of Curt's impressive Greyscale project.

Painting aside, I had the pleasure of joining Central London Wargames Club (CLWC) for a few small games of Saga on Thursday. They were a friendly and welcoming bunch (cheers Tamsin!) and its always nice to get some games in. Saga seems to have really taken off among those 'Saga Louts' so I hope to dust off my Vikings and join them on a regular basis.

Not looking good for my Vikings, fighting as usual under their Crow banner


  1. It was good to finally meet you on Thursday. Love the weeping angel :)

  2. Hey, I recognize those minis. Hi Phil;)

    Good gaming night we had there.

  3. I love the Angel !!! (Dr Who fan!)
    can we buy somewhere?
    and the other figures are very good too!

  4. Yeah, they are from Crooked Dice's '7TV' range. They do no-Doctors and Assistants too, plenty of cool sculpts. They do three different Angels, I couldn't resist just the one though I've no real use for her.

  5. I love the work on the angel Phyllion....


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