Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quick! Stock up on Devlan mud!

I don't follow GW news, but I still use their paints. Apparently, they are being overhauled:

I've already had to develop a new skin method after they ditched bronzed flesh - not a disaster as I prefer my new one, but was a pain for matching. They also changed graveyard earth i think, which I use buckets of. But my main concern is whether Devlan Mud will survive. They wouldn't change it... Would they?

Even more tempted to move to Vallejo, now.


  1. Apparently nothing's changing, but everything is being renamed - looking at the colour chart, presumably Agrax Earthshade is the new Devlan Mud...

    (more waffle on my blog at:

  2. Humm, little bit sceptial that it won't change at all, but good to hear there is an equivalent planned. We shall see if it does as good a job!

    There is always the potential that a 'new improved formula' won't be as good, but we should reserve judgement until it is here. I already mentioned graveyard earth, that looks the same but I think it changed shade and coverage once they introduced the foundation paints the other year.


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