Friday, 30 March 2012

Saga day in Enfield, London

All well I've been frantically finishing another couple of points for my Saga Warband. No rest for the wicked, eh?

Reason being is I'm going to play some games of Saga at a campaign day tomorrow in Enfield, North London. Details here. It sounds like a good day actually, plenty going on including demos and Gripping Beast guys there showing off Northern Fury. I'll post some photos of my war band in action.

Happily I finished my fifth and sixth points of Vikings. Distressingly though, I spray varnished them with GW purity seal and they misted up a little. Not as badly as last time, but definitely a duff can. I'll have to put a little work into fxing them up again, pretty annoying But not before I've taken the can back!

As a result, I've resolved to move away from GW products. They are very convenient to get hold of but this is the third or four can of spray I've had problems of various sorts with. And with the paint overhaul, im thinking it is time to bite the bullet and start buying vallejo.

Gateful if anyone can recommend a brand of spray undercoats and matt varnish? I hear dullcote is good for the latter...

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  1. Have a fun day and looking forward to your report.

    I was using Vallejo both undercoat and varnish but moved on to Army Painter as it is about £3 cheaper in each case. Will be moveing back to Vallejo next week as I have been less than impressed with the AP. First of all the undercoat seems a bit grainy. Second the varnish is more satin than matt as Vallejo is a full Matt. Last up, it does not seem any cheaper in action, both undercoat and varnish have lasted significantly less time than the Vallejo.



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