Sunday, 4 March 2012

Challenge entries: bumper edition and Cavalier

Many apologies for not posting recently, been a bit busy with work, socialising and even some frantic painting!
Here are my last few entries to the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge. Some Pulp nazis, one Anglo-Dane Warlord for Saga (a gift for my brother), a van for Pulp and some Indian peasants, also for pulp.
I also made it to Cavalier 2012 in Tonbridge the other week. A small show but was good to get on the show circuit before Salute in April, mostly to scout out what I might fancy buying at Salute. I only grabbed a Crooked Dice scary angel (I like Doctor Who, and fancied it as a little jokey piece of terrain) and some bargain bucket half price Copplestone gangster-era civilians which I think will be useful for Pulp gaming.


  1. A very nice looking Viking! Who makes that figure?

  2. It is Gripping Beast's Ragnar Lothbrok figure. A much better pose than most of their SAGA warlords,

  3. I've been very impressed by the entries into the comp some really great painting

  4. Great painting, you'll have to show me a trick or two, especially liking ze germans (they can fight my anklebiting 15mm midget zombies)


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