Friday, 9 March 2012

Blitzkrieg Commander at SLW

So, went to South London Warlords again on Monday and got a demo of Blitzkrieg Commander. Using 10mm early war French and Germans borrowed from the hosts. All in all, i thought it was a light, quick and fun ruleset. It reminded me of the bastard love-child of Warmaster and Epic, with a dash of historical accuracy. Not necessarily a bad thing!

It seemed to work smoothly with minimal rules-consulting, all information in one table and seemed to have relatively good balance. Those German tanks aren't invincible - especially after a battering from my pair of Char B's!

Play time was about 2.5 hours including setup which is pretty much the top end of an ideal time to my mind. We played with quite a few house rules, though not having played the core rules I couldn't recount what they were. I did have some ideas for further streamlining of the system, by trimming the number of phases. Pity I struggle to play a ruleset without thinking of how I can 'personalise' it - especially given I've only played one game through!

All in all a great visit out to SLW and really good to get a game in - now to look at how to tweak (read: expand) my 10mm late war British without having access to the BKC rule book!


  1. Sounds very playable and I like the time scale.....

  2. Replacement for Baptism of Fire? Last time I played BKC it looked more like a tank parking lot but then I think they had too many points on a 4' board.

    Now see why I demanded we use magnets. Easy to rebase :)

    1. In a nutshell, yes Gharak. It's a very different game being big scale (one base of 5 infantry is one platoon) whereas BoF was squad scale. But BKC it is quick, relatively slick and fun.

      No rebasing required either. We played with based tanks but it doesnt seem to be mandatory as long as both sides are the same. Each side was one infantry company + support elements and one tank company, took 2.5 hours with two newbie players and two old hands. So trim able down I think.

      I gathered that Army lists are pretty free choice unit-by-unit. I reckon we'll both need a tenner's worth of tanks and a few artillery bits to bulk out each to a balanced and varied company, but we're fine for numbers of infantry. And they're quick to paint ;-)


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