Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pulp Adventures AAR: Episode Three 'Showdown in Smuggler's Wood'

The third of my recent Pulp games was a showdown at the aptly-named Smuggler's Wood. The Adventuring party used information gained from the fleeing Mr Byrne to confront the O'Leary gang at the moment of the deal with the buyer of the missing artefacts.

The Professor sent his Daughter Victoria, with the Law in tow to confront the O'Learys, identify the buyer and retrieve the rest of the artefacts for the British Museum. Patrolling goons with wolfhounds stand in the way of the gang leaders, hiding in the back if their Talbot van.
As a gunfight erupts across the wood, Mr Singh surveys the carnage. The Gang's getaway is hindered by the fact they left their fuel on the top of this cliff, to be found by Mr Singh. Sometimes, randomising encounters using an encounter deck can create odd events - we blamed he particularly idiotic mooks of the O'Leary gang!

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