Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Salute 2012: The Haul

In the aftermath of Salute plenty people are blogging about their day and purchases. And here's my trifling haul. From the top:
-Two Battlefront plastic tanks (free with a demo at FoW, since passed to someone who plays 15mm WWII who can make use of them)
-A bumper set of Colours from Flag Dude. Enough for all my finished Napoleonic Brits and Spanish.
-Free samples from GZG. Fantastic 15mm SciFi sculpts, I was chuffed that one a great likeness to Mal Reynolds from Firefly.
-Movement trays for Saga from Warbases
-A part-box of Wargames Factory Greek Hoplites, for my Brother's next project (more on that later)
-A small preorder from Pendraken, giving me enough WWII British to play Blitzkrieg Commander
-Salute 2012 miniature, which looks fun to paint up
-Stock up on MiniNatur tufts
-Redoubt miniatures Helen of Troy and Trojan archers (Brother's project)
-A lonely pack of Perry Napoleonics
-Otherworld Miniatures Minotaur (can you guess the project?)

Not a completely successful day, not only did I return home with fully half my spends, I was desperate for new matt varnish and white undercoat but could only find Army Painter and GW sprays which I'm avoiding. I was interested in a new big battle, small-scale project and didn't pick anything up, though most tempting was some 15mm SciFi from GZG. I'll paint up my samples and look into buying online.

Salute was a great day, a massive show and busier than I've ever seen it. So big it took two hours to do our first circuit of the hall! I don't feel like I managed to do the show justice, as the clock ran down it became a spend-athon and I didn't pay enough attention to the frankly amazing demo tables. I did take my camera but spectacularly failed to take any photos. So I'm reliving the through other people's great snaps, like Samulus and BigLee.

I also failed to get to the bloggers meet-up, my fault entirely as I got my timings wrong. I didn't start well in this regard, being half an hour late on arrival which put me in a flustered mood. So apologies to those Bloggers I missed wandering around the hall, I hope you all had a good day and hope to catch you at another show soon!


  1. Not a bad haul, and you can always internet reinforcments.

    After trying AP undercoat and varnish I am also playing the keep away game, next job is ordering some in fact


  2. Glad you had a good day even if you didn't get all on your shopping list. I'm starting to feel like Salute is getting too big for a single day event. I didn't finish my first circuit of the hall until 3:30 then whizzed round all the traders that I'd either missed or only glanced at. I could happily have spent another few hours hitting the trade stands and made my last purchase after the show had officially closed!

    Thanks for the 'shout out' by the way, I'm glad you liked my pictures. I've put a second batch on my blog this morning (link)and the full set will be up as a slideshow by this afternoon.

  3. Had a good day personally, bought about half of what I wanted to get and deftly avoided Phil's attempts to get me to buy lots of 10mm miniatures for big battles :P

    I think I may treat Salute more as a go and look at games and get some demos in the future and not try and get around all the traders. It's a good sized event these days, I did notice several missing traders (Westwind, Black-cat, No sign of any of the CMG croud and not Privateer Press stand) and much larger stands devoted to resellers and then the big Perry Plastics and Warlord Stands.

    Wondering if these bigger firms may push some of the smallers to the fringe over the next few years.

    On the flip side I did see some interesting new games, the sci-fi film noir looked interesting and the 7TV boards looked great, almost cool enough to convince me to go buy it. Noticed at least 3 new steampunk games on the rounds, all appear to pretty much be the same skirmish type game.

    It would have been nice to get to chat to some more of the traders as I have done in previous shows but we had to rush a little to get round it all. Perhaps we'll skip lunch next time.

  4. I was wondering what happened to you! Too bad it didn't work as I was keen to meet you and you brother. Now in France and thinking of heading down to Spain to avoid this execrable weather. May try to get to Malaga to catch the show there. Enjoy your new purchases - I look forward to seeing them emerge on your blog.
    - Curt

  5. Wondered where you had got too. Still a decent little haul! look forward to seeing it come to life.

  6. I was glad to stumble into you and your brother as I was going round the show. You came home with half your money!? Wow, now thats restraint. I spent almost all of mine! A nice little varied haul you got going, I need to post up my new additions. Go for the GZG, you know you want to!

  7. Cheers all. Don't worry, they will appear as the months go on...

    Steampunk is definitely a new trend. And your right Ghaak, 'The Department' looked cool and noir but they didn't seem to have any minis on sale yet.


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