Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Jasper and friends get a new lick of paint

None of the bits on my painting table appealed this afternoon, so I went back to some minis I had alreay finished but was never happy with. Not being a dog person, for speed and convenience I had painted these three mutts completely black. They were a bit too 'Hound of the Baskervilles' and didn't look natural, no way the sculpts could pass as black labradors!

I don't know what breed they are meant to be, but they are big mutts. Compare Jasper in the foreground with the Irish wolfhound in the centre of a recent Pulp game - first picture here. A bit of Wiki-ing suggested the sculpts could pass as English Mastiffs, a notably large breed. So the three were tweaked to roughly match the description on Wikipedia.

  The miniatures are from Rackham's Cadwollan range, bought just as Rackham imploded. I knew they would come in useful and Jasper has been a regular companion in our Pulp games, being his master's bravest defender.


  1. Not a dog person!! And you call yourself a Brit? My god man, you're supposed to like your hounds better that us Colonials...

    Very nice job on them btw (and yes they are Mastiffs) Lovely beasties...

    1. Sorry, you'll be disappointed to learn I'm a cat man. But cats are pretty useless on the gaming table!

    2. not these cats!

      Nice job btw, would't want to come across those in a dark alley.

    3. Indeed. Plus another chance to pitch 15mm SciFi there, eh Samulus? ;-)


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