Saturday, 14 April 2012

All quiet on the Blogging front

Is it me or is it quiet around here? The Gaming Blogosphere seem to have been a bit quiet lately, but perhaps I'm just missing the regular Challenge updates of recent months. Or maybe the weather is perking up so we're all spending less time at our hobby tables and more getting some sunlight?

I received two packages this week, both from DaveD. First off a book he gave away on his blog: Hell Riders by Terry Brighton. I look forward to an illuminating read about the charge of the light brigade. Secondly some plastic round shields, after I asked for spares to equip my Vikings the other week. Many thanks to DaveD for sorting me out, Vikings without shields was a sad state of affairs.

So, here is a shout-out to DaveD of One Man and his Brushes, for being a thoroughly nice chap. Check out his blog here:
Lots of eye-candy here, I particularly like how DaveD does his horses.

With Salute fast approaching I look forward to seeing some of you there.


  1. Cheers Phil,
    I shall be there - first time in many a year ...

    maybe everyone is too busy counting thier pennies for Salute purchases

  2. I look forward to hear your impressions of the book - it looks quite interesting.

    Oh, for your pulp adventure stuff check out Litko for these new buildings they are doing - they look very nice!

    Hopefully we'll see you in less than a week!


  3. It does look a good book I'd be interested what you think of it, and I'll maybe see you at Salute!

    1. I will be sure to keep an eye out for the rejects!

  4. No Salute for me, maybe next year? Me I have just started painting again after two weeks off.



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