Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Feldpolizei: Now with Checkpoint

You've seen these two chaps recently, but on return from holiday and not having picked up a brush for nearly a month, I fancied easing back in by painting a few quick bits from the pile. So here we have a checkpoint for my German feldpolizei, a little piece of terrain or fun objective. This is a simple little 4Ground kit.


Hopefully I'll bring you some more sizeable updates once I get back to full painting speed.

Also, Ian at The Blog With No Name is having a 500 posts/second blogaversary giveaway, so swing over and check it out if you're interested in such things.


  1. Nice kit and well executed sir, how was Bali and need we ask?

  2. Very nice kit, sir. I like a lot these small pieces.

  3. Paayperz! Paayperz. Very cool. I think I need one of those...


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