Thursday, 25 July 2013

This week, I have not been idle

Well, actually, I have been fairly idle all told, but I have managed to make some progress over the past week, despite the heat. It definitely feels like the weather for terraining rather than fiddly painting. 

Having a slightly milder Saturday, with all of my errands out of the way early, what better thing to do than paint a load of movement trays? And voila, Warbases' finest:

So you can see how they look filled, some stealthy Beja marksmen, my favourite Mahdist unit so far.

And the steadfast King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Much better. I did spend a little extra time sanding down the sharp edges on each of them before texturing the tops, which I think removes some of the harshness.

While I've god a good stack done in one session, I will need a load of custom-cut tray for my Mahdists and a few more cavalry trays to fit the growing collection. Looks like I'll have to find another spare Saturday in a few months!


  1. Well done that man, they look just the ticket.

  2. Very nice! They fit right in.

  3. These look great - look forward to gaming with 'em!

  4. They look great, I know I should not but I alway resent doing base's I feel it cuts into my painting time.
    Peace James


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