Sunday, 30 June 2013

From the Archives 1

The other day, I was digging through old cases and boxes of long-neglected miniatures. And I came across a couple of highlights from the past that I thought I'd share.

My hobby youth was spent in Games Workshop, primarily playing Warhammer 40,000. When I went to University, the local GW was a pokey little place and unwelcoming to slightly more mature gamers as well as being away from my close-knit group of gaming friends. The Uni gaming club wasn't appealing either, they seemed to solely play 40K, often unpainted and on ramshackle terrain while I've always been one for the spectacle of fully-painted forces and nice terrain.

I eventually stumbled across the excellent Patriot Games in Sheffield, who were starting to stock some exciting new wargames ranges. I was most taken with the awesome sculpts of the fantasy skirmish game Confrontation by a French company, Rackham. I could have been tempted by half of the numerous  factions and spent hours agonising over the well-stocked ranges. Eventually, I went very out of character and bought the Orcs faction. This was quite a step outside of my comfort zone, having played Imperial Guard and Empire in Warhammer (looking back, I probably always was going to end up a historical gamer...).

This is my version of Dayak, one of the commanders from the Trackers of Bran-o-Kor box. While most people were following the Rackham style and experimenting with non-metallic metal, I stuck with my trusty metallics.

As well as a growing group in Patriot Games, Conf had a great community setup around a number of national 'confederations', including the UKCORD, which is still going in a different form.

Rackham also did inventive miniatures like Samurai goblins and Roman Orcs. On the latter, I did a few conversions of other orcs to Roman-ise them. This is one of the ones that came out best: a Brontops rider with a head swap and additional shield, sourced from a 54mm plastic legionary.

Sadly, both of these have taken a few knocks to their paintwork.

Of course Conf went the way of the dodo due to the baffling actions of Rackham, which is sad as some of its iterations were great systems and the miniatures were excellent. The Orcs were a riot to play too, while there was nothing subtle about them, but they were surprisingly competitive given their skills tended to be restricted to hitting things really hard. Eventually, I dabbled in Infinity, Gharak and I dabbled in some short-lived historical projects and more recently I've focused pretty much entirely on historical gaming. But while GW leaves me completely cold, I do still look back on Confrontation with nostalgia.

That's enough nostalgia. Over a family weekend, Gharak and I squeezed in a couple of games of Angels 20, as he's picked up a starter and booster of the second set, Bandits High. This adds the pacific theatre to the original set and here my nippy Japanese duel with his hardy US squadron over a Pacific island.

Sadly, the fragility of the Jap fighters was their downfall, but one again Angels 20 was great fun and perfect for late evening when you've just a little time for something light.

Normal service to be resumed soon - another ten Mahdists have just come off the painting table and another batch on. With Samulus over for a game next weekend, I'm trying to get as much of the Sudan project ready as possible for my first small game of Black Powder. 


  1. I am a sucker for a good nostalgia post and this was no exception. Some lovely paint jobs you should touch em up and keep em on display!

  2. Nice Rakham figures! I have a few of these as well. Never played the game - just loved the crazy sculpts. (It was also my own private way of poking GW in the eye after many years of suffering their silliness.)

    1. Thanks good sir. I'd like to see what you did with them!

    2. Let me see... Here you go (you even commented on one!):

    3. Haha, very good. I've seen that Wolfen somewhere before - great paint job!


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