Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Sudan: Mounted Infantry, Anglo-Egyptian OOB

Working thought the Salute lead pile, first of the unit for the refreshed Sudan project. These are the camel corps in melee pack, instead painted as Mounted Infantry drawn from the KRRC, which I already have a unit of. Fantastic sculpts these, very dynamic.

Oddly, these were only bought as the Perry stand was out of infantry firing lines! I gather Sudan was popular at Salute. I wanted to do my second ordinarily unit of infantry next, the Royal Marine Light Infantry. But I had the command for the RMLI already and painted them up at the same time, notably different to the KRRC with their white pipe-clayed helmets and packs. I wasn't sure what colour the bugle's cord should be but blue seemed to be fitting despite my best guess of green.

Im drawing up an force loosely suitable for engagements around Suakin. I decided early on to do an Anglo-Egyptian force, either to do relief operations of garrisoned troops, or as an 'alternate history' El Teb (I imagine a plausible scenario at the first El Teb where some Egyptian troops manage a fighting withdrawal and escape. while still a crushing defeat necessitating the deployment of British troops a reduced Egyptian field force is available). Sorry purists, I wanted both British and Egyptians without breaking the bank!

The Beja crash against the British line

The loose OOB for Black Powder looks something like this at the moment:


Brigade Commander leading a British infantry brigade
-King's Royal Rifle Corps
-Royal Marine Light Infantry
-Naval Brigade
-Gardner Gun

Brigade Commander leading an Egyptian infantry brigade:
-1st Battalion
-IXth (Sudanese) Battalion
-Bashi Bazouks on foot
-British 7pdr Screw Gun

Brigade Commander leading the cavalry and scouts:
-10th Hussars
-Mounted infantry
-Mounted Bashi Bazouks


  1. These are fabulous, well done that man. I wasn't planning to return to the Sudan for a while, but these might change my mind.

    1. Why thank you! Well let's see how powerful a force inter-blogger inspiration is...

  2. Dam another blog post of great looking Sudan figures.
    Great stuff
    Peace James

  3. Bleeding hell those are bloody good!

  4. Nice work I love the Sudan period and basicly most colonial periods..champion work old fruit

  5. *blush* thanks for the kind words! These came out pretty well, now onto the ret of the Sudan lead pile!

  6. These do look excellent. I may not be as 'colourful' in my language as Fran but he has a point. Top notch work.

  7. Fantastic looking figures, love the colors!!

  8. Great job on these Phil (I quite like the white webbing).

  9. Very nice indeed - the Perry's have a lovely line of Sudan figures and you've done a lovely job with these - make me want to get back on to the next phase of my own Sudan project but I must stay focused!


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