Friday, 19 April 2013

Pulp: The Cairo Constabulary

I've ended up with  quite a bit of painting time this week, so finished off this fine crew in advance of feeding the lead addiction at Salute. They are the Pulp Figures 'Cairo Constabulary' set, as usual in their quite cartoonish style and a quite endearing bunch. As always with Pulp, they were really enjoyable to paint, particularly after my recent headaches with the Bashi-Bazouks!

These will be the most of a new Pulp Alley league, which are usually around six figures strong. I've got two more Artizan designs minis to join them and 'Mustafa' the snitch already painted.

First up, the leader of the gang the wily Captain (or more accurately, the rank of Yuzbashi). A harsh man so not loved by his men, but he is respected for his ability to keep his position despite recent changes of regime above him: stability which is appreciated by everyone below him!

The Sergeant (or Shawish), taking another opportunity to smoke his shisa pipe while his Askari do the hard investigating! It doesn't come out so well in the photos, but I added a wisp of smoke to the pipe.

And finally a motley pair of humble constables (Askari).

Next, to write up some stats and names for them!


  1. Great figures and the wisp of smoke looks good.

  2. Very nice work, love the vignette with the shisa pipe...


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