Monday, 1 April 2013

Operation Squad AAR: Reconnaissance

I had the pleasure of Samulus' company on Saturday afternoon for a couple of games. This included another game of Operation Squad, this time with larger forces. I ignored the points-based squad builder and just threw together something that looked balanced based on the goodies I have painted. They were something like this:

12 British commandos
Officer, Sergeant with Sten, Bren, Vickers GO Machinegun, 2" mortar, Sniper, 6 riflemen

15 German Infantry
Officer, Sergeant with MP40, Corporal with MP40, MG34 and loader, 2 Riflemen with G43, 8 with Kar98k (two also carrying Panzerfausts). 

The officers were armed with pistols and were there as scenario fodder.  I also knocked up a reconnaissance scenario, with points awarded for the officers spotting enemy troop numbers, taking the field (being closest to the crossroads at the table centre and for killing the enemy officer. The Vickers counted as an MG34. We made up some rules for the Panzerfausts, grenades with twice the range and that reduced cover by one dice.

Turn one, the Germans advance.

An early sniper kill and the Vickers also being opposite led me to hastily rethink and head to the right of the building.

Disaster! German officer wounded by a long-range shot by the Bren gunner.

Still, it isnt all looking it?

Moments later, a British mortar shell took out the advance pair on the right. The British were still unscathed: things were now looking very bad. 

Second disaster! The deadly Bren gunner also wounds the German MG34

Endgame - Commandos take the field, having suffered just a single wound. I was utterly trounced, partly by not having a solid game plan, further changing it as I went on, leaving men exposed out of cover, not supporting can other and not getting the MG34 into a useful position. Ah well, perhaps next time!

I think this size is the extend that Operation Squad deals with smoothly, the first couple of turns were a bit slow. I was a too heavy on the special weapons, especially for the Commandos. The sniper, mortar and Vickers dominated, though  good play by Samulus and bad by me were also to blame for that. I think the Germans were out-pointed, next time I'll at least roughly tot it up to ensure some balance!

After we'd finished, I remembered I had some t errain bits that would have come in useful, so spent Easter knocking them together. First to be finished are these rather spiffing telegraph poles. Laser cut wood, from 'Arcane Scenery' on eBay for £3. Unexpectedly, the sprues were marked  Sarissa Precision, but they don't seem to sell them on their webstore. I wonder if they were an early prototype. 

Fairly basic pieces, I'm a bit worried they may snap, though they bend so may be more survivable than they look. Oddly the holes in three of the bases were off-centre, so I re-drilled those. Being wood, the assembled poles were incredibly light and the merest breath would send them all wobbling. To solve that, I stuck the wood bases to 2p pieces to add some weight. Re double-bases are why the bases look a bit mound-esque, but that feels like the lesser of two evils. I'm fairly happy with them as table litter, useful for all sorts of eras. 

Samulus also provided another game, 20mm modern fireteams for Force on Force. More on that next time!


  1. Cracking looking game and the telegraph poles look just the ticket.

    1. Cheers Michael. I've got quite a bit of scenery now, my only issue is that I've only a few buildings and all of them Mediterranean or adobe, so everything ends up looking like Spain or Italy!

  2. Fantastic stuff - very impressive!

  3. Good AAR. I agree, OS really punishes you if you get caught out in the open by good opposing troops. The terrain looked great and I love those telegraph poles. I've sourced stuff from Arcane before so I'll have to pick up a set (or two) the next time I order from them.

    1. Cheers Curt. The dice weren't with me either that day.

    2. I usually can't even blame the dice...

      Where did you source the road sections from? I quite like the irregular tracks.

    3. Yes, the detailing is quite good. I never liked the depth of them though, quite chunky and needed a bit of work to round the edges. They are really light too.

      I couldn't find the link but found that I've blogged about them before. The link now redirects elsewhere and I can't see the roads available:

      "The road is from Terrain Warehouse, I was much less happy was these, they are quite wide and deep and I felt they needed quite a bit of tidying up to make presentable. But it is pretty solid, and well priced at £30 (in postage) for 6 foot of road with various curves and junctions."


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