Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Secret Project: Revealed!

I've not been doing that much hobby stuff recently, mostly as my hobby time has been eaten into by some quality time with the PS3 (mostly the excellent and damnably addictive Batman: Arkham City) But, to keep the post rate up, I thought I'd do a series of posts to this summer's Secret Project

You may recall there were a few clues:
-small scale narrative campaign using Brink of Battle
-miniatures by a preferred manufacturer
-I already had one force painted (well, most of it) 
-some of the minis would find a dual use in Pulp scenarios. 

So, imagine yourself in Egypt, 1883. Egyptian-held Sudan is in turmoil. El Mahdi has emerged and gathered his 'Ansar' around him: the tribes Korfodan, Beja and Nile Arabs. Yup, is time to dabble in Colonials! Much inspired by forums as wells as blogs such as 'Maiwand Day' and 'Horse and Musket',  it was a small-scale and entertaining painting distraction. 

First up, some Egyptian Infantry (Perry Miniatures):

I tried a new flesh tone on these and think it came out quite well. I reckoned they will be serviceable as North/African or Turkish military/paramilitary types for 1930s Pulp. 

Next, pith helmets galore, it's the stalwart British infantry (Perry miniatures)

Painted as King's Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC) from the incredibly useful Perry miniatures painting guide here

Another mini from the pack above, painted in a khaki uniform, he serves as character for the campaign (more on that later) this would be Sir Henry Huffington (he is actually a stand-in for Huffington, as there is more suitable figure I've got my eye on...). I put him on a beveled base as he also join my 28mm Pulp characters on some adventures, as a further well-traveled friend of the Professor. 

And finally, some members of the Naval Brigade running at trail (guess what...Perry Miniatures!) 


  1. Excellent choice mate, I started to dabble with these myself once, great work Phyllion.

  2. I'll look forward to seeing this project unfold!!

  3. Very nice figures and well painted. That should keep your interest levels up


  4. Excellent work, Phil, and a very interesting project. I really like the way your white uniforms turned out with the Egyptian Infantry.

    If you want something a little different for your collection check out the Canadian connection to the Nile Expedition here:

    1. Interesting, I wasn't happy with the white. I used GW Dheneb Stone as a base and it is a bit 'pinky'. And being a foundation paint it went on quite thick, despite my best efforts to keep it thinned down. I was much happier with the grey on the KRRC.

      Thanks for the link - interesting stuff (as always!). First Canadians to serve overseas I see, a great story. They are a good basis for the second narrative - but what on earth to use for the miniatures?! They seem to be wearing sun helmets, but I can't make much more out.

    2. You're mad, they look great. :)

      For the voyageurs I think you could easily get away with using Boer figures as many of the Canadians wore what looks to be civilian dress tarted up with a sun helmets, tams and broad-brimmed hats.

  5. Lovely, lovely work and I look forward to seeing more of the project unfold.


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