Monday, 9 January 2012

Challenge entries

A bit late, but these were my first two entries to the Analogue hobbies Painting Challenge.

A 28mm Spanish clergyman who has been given the name 'Padre Padilla' (thanks Juan!) and the second half of the 'Regimento Voluntarios de la Patria', a Spanish Peninsular War Junta regiment. These will fight alongside my British and were picked last year as a welcome change from painting Redcoats. I had a spare box of Victrix plastic French, which appear to fit the bill very well, see the leftmost figure here:

Which was sourced from here

I wasn't hugely worried about getting the uniform exactly right, but I think they've come out pretty close. They were deliberately made to look a bit more ragged, both in terms of the mixed posing (altough I was restrained by only having a half-box), covered/uncovered shakos as well as varying the colour of the trousers, mis-matched packs and so on. Perhaps more realistic for a unit on campaign, but different tro my more uniform redcoats....

Credit also to Aki at Too Much Lead as I shamelessly copied his idea for using Victrix French to represent this regiment.

They have no colours yet and one of the standards has snapped. None of my Napoleonics have Colours (the shame!), but I plan on getting them all in one go from Flag Dude, at Salute in London again in April. Hopefully he will be able to provide something suitable for my Spanish units as well as British, I've not actually checked yet...

Thirteen 28mm miniatures were painted for the challenge, but I've here is a shot of the full 25-strong unit.

Next us are some Perry Mahadist Ansar - nearly finished in fact!


  1. they looked great in the comp and they look even better in a larger group great work. The challenge is coming along quite well some amazing painting I look forward to your next entry

  2. Cheers Kent!

    More to come soon, hopefully by the weekend. More Pulp though, my interest in Naos is waning at the moment.


  3. Really nice clean paint jobs, shame they'll just run away (being Spaniards)!

  4. Samulus,

    Harsh! Generally true for the Spaniards, but the Regimento Voluntarios de Patria was apparently one of the finest of the Spanish army. So I would hope they will take a volley or two before fleeing!


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