Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Finding good trees

To my mind, having beautifully painted miniatures is only half the battle (excuse the pun). You also need great terrain to really put on a good spectacle. For many years I've been fortunate as my brother is a highly creative individual who excelled at making innovative and attractive terrain. However, for the Napoleonic Peninsular project, I offered to try my hand at the terrain, with varying degrees of success to date.

One thing I struggled with was trees. The usual wargaming trees just do not look right. Everything I found in model railway shows was either too high a price, required considerable assembly, or was not durable or not realistic- looking enough. I guess the flora you associate with the Peninsular is a bit niche for most major producers of model trees.

Last year I discovered Realistic Modelling Services, who had a huge range of different model trees at a reasonable price. And here is my first order 5 of their Olive trees, in two different sizes. I actually bought 6 but one hid in the box! Show with a 28mm Highlander for scale.

It is always a bit of a gamble using an unknown web company, but I really like these, they look the part, came painted and ready for use and the basing looks nice - can request them to be based for wargaming rather than railway modelling at no extra charge. Better still, they came in at under £4 each, including postage.
Verdict: highly recommended!


  1. good show! Oddly enough im looking for some trees, i will check them out. Cheers

  2. I bought some of their trees at a show last year, they're probably the best out there on the market, just wish they weren't so expensive! Just found you blog and joined up! keep up the great work!!


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