Thursday, 26 January 2012

Another challenge entry

These were my fourth challenge entry, eight 28mm Artizan designs WWII Sikh infantry. Really nice models, bought for the officer with pistol drawn, who will be another Pulp character. The others can serve as Indian military or police allies/antagonists. The joy of Pulp is the opportunity it offers to buy random inspiring models and finding an excuse to use them later!
These weren't that exciting to paint, mostly just variants of khaki/beige. But they came out pretty well. Te only thin, I'm not totally happy with is the skin, I think it came out too dark. Suggestions for a good method for Indian skin will be warmly welcomed. I tend to still use GW paints, much as I've gone off them as a company their paints are what I'm used to. Also, they have improved the line with new additions, their Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia washes come in particularly handy.


  1. The skin tone looks fine to me, love the single red turban!

  2. Yes, their washes are excellent. I use Devlan Mud by the litre it seems, and I have a strange fascination with its smell...


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