Friday, 29 April 2011

The Other Project

Last weekend I was back home to celebrate my Brother's birthday. We had chance to trial the rules for the other main project of the moment - 10mm scale WWII. The theory is that dropping rhe scale means more transportable and a smaller board so easier to play across a dining table. I was initially sceptical as I don't get as much joy out of painting smaller scales, but it does mean we can both get a sizable game with few cute-looking tanks onto a smaller table.

For rules we're using Baptism of Fire 1, which we once tried out with 20mm models. Despite a very badly structured rulebook, we did quite enjoy the rules after a few games getting them straight in our heads. It plays heavily on morale and can be quite brutal, but seems quite realistic. We plan to stock with it for now.

Been off this week and will be until Tuesday, using a little holiday to supplement all these Bank Holidays in the UK. So since returning home I've been applying paint to Tommies as well as some fortifications to keep them safe. I'll post some pics when I've done a small force. The deadline is 21st May for a fully-painted platoon, support and terrain for a few games.

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