Thursday, 14 April 2011

Monster painting session

Phew, manage most of the evening painting, trying to push through and finish the 42nd Black Watch I've had on the workbench for a couple of months. I'm within touching distance of finishing them, probably tomorrow.

I reckon they take 20-30 hours per batch, this one of only 6 models. Highlanders are at the upper end because of the free-hand detail on the socks, kilt and bonnet. I paint with a very neat style, I've tried to step away from this at times but rarely been happy with the results. Unfortunately I'm actually quite messy, so need to do a lot of tidying and correcting mistakes. Still, these Highlanders are arguably my best work to date and I'm pretty chuffed with nearly a full unit finished - will be a while before I itch to do more!

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