Sunday, 10 April 2011

Delayed, but finally!

Well, I've been a poor blogger. It's a week since my last post and I've still not posted the pics of the Light Dragoons I mentioned many weeks ago. In the meantime, I've had my first visitors (welcome!). To make amends, after enjoying the lovely weather this afternoon I set up a board and some terrain backdrops to photograph my 28mm Naps, which I intend to post up over the coming week. 

So, first up, the 1st Kings' German Legion Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons:

With limited reference material, I had to be a bit imaginative on the command's uniforms, so they may be inaccurate. Even more so, we've been collecting Peninsular forces and these Perrys are intended for the Waterloo campaign. However, I disregarded this, mostly because I prefer the shakos to tarletons and the range of poses is superior from Perry compared to say Front Rank. In my defence, I'm not too fussy about getting everything exact, after all, I'm out to have fun and enjoy painting and gaming, rather than fret over uniform details. After taking this shot, I also noticed a slightly bent sword in the second rank, frustrating!

Oh, the buildings and walls are from Hovels. I highly recommend this UK-based company, they sell a number of ranges and although perhaps not as fine as other manufacturuers, they are solid pieces, very reasonably priced with excellent service.

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